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Gledhill PulsaCoil  Water Cylinder Repair 

No hot water? We can fix your hot water problems today!

Gledill Repair Birmingham

PulsaCoil Repair Birmingham are the Birmingham based boiler engineers  call us for all Gledhill PulsaCoil’s, including the original PulsaCoil, PulsaCoil 3, PulsaCoil 2000, PulsaCoil A Class and PulsaCoil BP boiler problems.

We provide affordable, fully qualified and highly professional Gledhill Pulsacoil boiler repair and maintenance services throughout Birmingham.




     BoilerMate 2000
     BoilerMate A-Class OV
     BoilerMate A-Class SP
     BoilerMate BP
     BoilerMate II
     BoilerMate III
     ElectraMate 2000
     ElectraMate 2000 – 12kW
     ElectraMate A-Class
     GulfStream 2000
     GulfStream A-Classr
     PulsaCoil 2000
     PulsaCoil A-Class
     PulsaCoil BP
     PulsaCoil III

From your hot Water Cylinder Repair problems to pressure and any other issues cylinder leaking
Start enjoying the luxuries of hot water again – the easy way! By having one of our qualified Goplumbing technicians come to your home the same day to find a solution to your hot water fault.

Unvented water heating has recently been the fastest growing sector of the UK market.

Unvented hot water systems are fed directly from the cold water mains supply and offer a number of performance benefits compared to conventional hot water systems. These include higher pressure, faster filling baths, more powerful showers, better flow rates at all hot taps and balanced hot and cold water.

They are less noisy and more hygienic and because they don’t need to be fed by a tank in the loft they can be installed almost anywhere and free up valuable roof space.

We attend most major brands including:-

  • Albionlarge
  • Systemfit
  • Ariston
  • CenterStore
  • Ferroli
  • Gledhill
  • Grant
  • Halstead
  • Heatrae Sadia
  • Keston
  • Megaflow
  • Telford
  • Range
  • Santon
  • Tribune
  • Vaillant
  • Worcester

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